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El cartero
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Postby El cartero » 11 Mar 2019 19:10

I think Jennifer was the driving force before I took over (just to keep it going) and to ensure the site was not plagued by spammers, once that was sorted , I tried to post daily but found that difficult with my other commitments, I’ve only been to Algorfa twice as my apartment is in San Miguel.
Personally it’s not an easy decision to even consider giving up, my vision was for a site where buisnesses could advertise, people could sell things all completely free of charge, I emailed all the bars in the village asking them to let me know what they had coming up, the silence was not what I had hoped for.
I never intended the site would make money and never had that ambition, it’s only money and I can’t take it with me.
This is the nice forum where people repsect each other unlike some other local ones where trolling seems to be normal.

My “future of the forum” post was to try and see is more would post and if they had/ do I’ll keep it going, as it is I’m going to be working from home for the next 6 week and ironically will have time to post every day.
In my mind I live in San Miguel De Salinas, in my wallet I live in Kent

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Postby chrispeddler » 18 Jul 2019 10:44

I just transferred in Spain and forums like this could be a good use to me as traveler specially when I visit Algorfa. Thanks for the notice though.

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