Bodegas Faelo

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Bodegas Faelo

Postby spelizam » 24 Aug 2017 18:00

We discovered this great little family run bodegas this week - just south of Elche (about 25 minutes drive from Algorfa). It's a biodynamic (organic) vineyard producing 4 different wines. We did the vineyard tour and tasting for €15 - it included the tour, a glass of each wine they make, and a platter of local meats, cheese, bread with olive oil, and pastries each. Alternatively you can just pop in and buy the wine - all were amazing for the price (€8 - €11 a bottle). You can book the tours via the website:

They harvest the grapes by hand and press them the old fashioned way - by foot! I understand that you can volunteer to help - they usually harvest in September - I would have been there like a shot if we were here!

Now I know this is a lovely little forum and I'm happy for you guys to visit this fab little place, but don't go telling all your friends because the bodegas only make 10,000 bottles a year and I want to make sure they have some left when we come out next!


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Re: Bodegas Faelo

Postby gebrow » 25 Aug 2017 18:51

I have to agree, we went earlier this year, a very pleasant time and tour, small but really nice, the food with our tour was lovely, and we tried all the wine and by the end new we had had it!!!! Very friendly couple like you highly recommend it, but Shhhhhhhhhh dont tell everyone!

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