Off-season kids' stuff?

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Off-season kids' stuff?

Postby JoelTeague » 03 Feb 2017 14:31

Not an original question, but what is open in the area (i.e. within an hour of Algorfa) that's suitable for kids in February? Hopefully we'll have our usual luck with weather and it won't matter - but we'll have one very bored 11-year-old if it rains!
Any suggestions very welcome!

El cartero
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Re: Off-season kids' stuff?

Postby El cartero » 03 Feb 2017 16:01

My son's a bit older but he often goes to the indoor pool in Torreveija it's relatively inexpensive (3/5 euros I think) and a full size Olympic pool.
The indoor bowling is also great (i went once with the forum members but don't know the address)
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Re: Off-season kids' stuff?

Postby GeoffB154 » 03 Feb 2017 17:47

There's a public indoor pool now in Benejuzar.

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