Sabadell bank

Does anyone know...?
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Re: Sabadell bank

Postby MJT » 11 Oct 2017 20:10

MiGustaAlgorfa wrote:Hi MJT
If you regularly have money in Sabadell Bank you don't need to pay ANY charges at all for banking or any cards
The simple rule is this
Each month you must deposit more than 700Euros (ie 701Euros)
You can draw 701euros out one day and put it back the next it will not matter. Their system is only geared to check you deposit MORE than 700euros in every calendar month.
Speak to someone at the bank about changing your account to get cards and banking with no charges at all
Hope this helps

Perfect, thankyou, will go and see them, we have a key account at the moment, so will see about changing it

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Re: Sabadell bank

Postby Iceman » 12 Oct 2017 09:30

Hi every bank does the same its just down to how much you need to deposit every month. The thing is why not use the bank in the village its a smaller bank and not liable to go bust.
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Aly Gorfa
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Re: Sabadell bank

Postby Aly Gorfa » 12 Oct 2017 13:07

Thanks for that info MiGusta and iceman...any suggestions as to how as a non resident I could avoid charges? I circulate funds in the UK between my normal account and a high interest account to get the higher rates, how could I work this in Spain?

And for information, although Almoradi is now the closest Sabadell branch, the other day it was packed and the ticket machine broken. I drove to Benijofar and got served straight away.

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