UK vehicles need to be Legal.

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UK vehicles need to be Legal.

Postby Iceman » 11 Apr 2018 10:13

Please take note:

We would like to clarify these two comments that we have read;

- "They don't impound Spanish cars with no ITV or suma, only British."

- "There is a campaign against UK registered vehicles, it is unfair".

"Uk registered vehicles are subjected to the UK Traffic Law, which states the following;

"Untaxed Vehicles; every vehicle registered in the United Kingdom must be taxed if it's used or kept on a public road. So if they are untaxed they can´t be driven on public roads."

In Spain, if you have a car "untaxed" you can keep driving, and the Town Hall where you live will demand you to pay your local tax. After a period of time, a process will start and finally, if the tax is unpaid, an embargo will be added to your vehicle; which means two things, depending on the amount of money you owe;

- The vehicle will be seized or the vehicle cant be transfered till all the money is paid by the owner. Be aware of cheap vehicles on the internet, they could have an embargo!!!

If the ITV has expired, and a vehicle is stopped by the police, the owner will be fined and will have 10 days to take their vehicle to the itv, after this period of time if the vehicle is stopped again, the vehicle would be seized.

As you can see, knowing the law will help you to understand why the police do things depending on the plate number of the vehicle. Each vehicle is subjected to the Law of the country where was registered.

and one last thing!, we don't have any campaign against Uk registered vehicles. In our checkpoints, we stop vehicles from all nationalities, and the only reason of publishing photos of Uk vehicles is because the 90% of our followers are from UK., and they are always asking us what we are doing with illegal Uk vehicles.

The only reason for creating this page, and dedicate our free time is just to help you. Giving you a better understanding of the Spanish Traffic Law."

You have all been warned tax it or lose it.Be legal you are not going to get away with it much longer.

They can take our life but they will never take our freedom.

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Re: UK vehicles need to be Legal.

Postby Damatt » 02 Aug 2018 17:54

I think you will also find that if your car has no MOT or is registered as SORN then it could be that your insurance is not valid. Your insurance may allow you to use your car abroad but it is normally only for 90 days per year, some are even shorter periods than that.

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