To licence and car insurance

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To licence and car insurance

Postby sunny » 16 Oct 2017 21:14

Can anyone advise me if you require a TV licence in algorfa. Also what is the process of get a car insured, taxed and mot as i am looking into buying one asap please.

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Re: To licence and car insurance

Postby polop » 16 Oct 2017 22:34

Car insurance you shop around we insure with linea direct on line, just same as UK or insurance broker in Quesada. In Spain Mot is ITV very easy to do about €45.

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Re: To licence and car insurance

Postby PaulG » 17 Oct 2017 16:27

There are numerous ways of receiving English TV into your home .All you need to do is consider which is best for you.
Re a TV licence,I believe a public figure thought out loud about imposing a fee for a TV licence around 10 or 15 years ago.The howls of outrage ensured that nothing has been heard since so the cost is zero,unlike us stupid Brits.

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