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Postby kingy » 22 Sep 2017 12:38

Please be aware if you rent out properties in and around Algorfa
Sophie Johnson is one person that you don't want in your property,posted the keys to the agent owing 2 months rent,water and electric.
Damaged furniture,stolen furniture,drawing on the walls and so dirty that even cockroaches wouldn't want to be there.
She obviously has no respect for other peoples property so please be careful if you are a landlord, I know things get damaged now and again in long term rentals i accept that but not to this extent, absolutely disgusting.

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Re: WARNING !!!!

Postby KeithnElaine » 28 Sep 2017 11:08

Wow!! Ms Johnson has just made our wish to rent long term in the area that little bit harder! I hope this event doesn't close the long term market to 'outsiders' like my wife and I, but as the saying goes, "it takes all sorts....". It's just difficult sometimes to understand what drives abusive behaviour towards someone else's property and how a person can apparently justify it to themselves that their actions are "OK". As I said before.....Wow!!

Keith & Elaine (nice people, really!)

Brendan Staunton
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Re: WARNING !!!!

Postby Brendan Staunton » 30 Sep 2017 22:00

Where was she staying?? :algorfa:

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