key cutting

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key cutting

Postby Iceman » 18 Jul 2017 14:32

Against my better judgement whilst I was in Carrefour I made the decision to go to Mister Mint to have a small ordinary key cut as I did not think I would get back to the local ferreteria (ironmongers) in Algorfa before he shut for lunch.

BIG mistake 2 euros 50 cents for said key only 1 euro in Algorfa.

I will never use Mister Mint ever again what a rip-off and I told the Guy when he relieved me of my hard earned cash.

Please use your local shop they are the best.

They can take our life but they will never take our freedom.

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Re: key cutting

Postby Bittersweet » 20 Jul 2017 13:56

I guess Mr minit's overheads are higher than locally.
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