Chinese takeaway

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Chinese takeaway

Postby Fontana » 08 Nov 2016 18:42

I went into my local Chinese takeaway last night and got talking to the owner of the shop.

'What you do for a riving, then?', he said.

'What do I do for a living, you mean?'


'I'm a comedian', I replied.

'Go on then, change colour', he chuckled.

'No! I'm not a fucking chameleon, I'm a comedian'

'Oh right, tell me joke then. Make me raff', he said.

Just then in the kitchen, I noticed his wok was on fire with my meal in it.

'Wok! Wok!', I shouted.

'Who's dare..', he said.

Buggar this I thought.

I'm off to the Indian.:)

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Re: Chinese takeaway

Postby eddie2760 » 29 May 2017 08:56

Best joke on here had me in stitches

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