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Suspect/Spam posts

Postby El cartero » 27 Jan 2018 13:31

Hi everyone

I am doing my best to check that any application to join is genuine and have managed ok, that said the odd one does slip through. So If you see anything your unhappy about PLEASE let me know, there are no warnings if it looks like spam it goes.
I know this is the tiny minority but any post that contains advertisements for fake passports or goods will be removed, a second post will mean you are removed when your IP address, email and other associated information passed to a company that deals with this sort of thing.

Sorry if this is heavy handed but! This is a great site and I aim to keep it like that for the benefit of all users.

I can be contacted directly by emailing algorfar@,

Thanks for your continued support

In my mind I live in San Miguel De Salinas, in my wallet I live in Kent

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