Algorfa with a view to semi retirement....

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Algorfa with a view to semi retirement....

Postby KeithnElaine » 28 Sep 2017 11:03

Hello, we are first time callers to the forum, please go easy on us!!

We are a doddery old couple (!!!) 60 and 59 who are looking to spend some long overdue 'us time' together in the sun! We're looking to rent long term initially but have had a thought. Renting your property out 'long term' obviously prevents you from using the place until the contract period ends. Elaine and I will be returning to the uk frequently during a tenancy (to keep an eye on elderly parents) so we wouldn't be in residence 100% of the time in the Spanish property.

We're thinking that there may be owners who cannot currently earn from their property because they wish to use it for themselves for a number of odd weeks over the year and the usual long term rental arrangement basically takes that option away from them. We could be an ideal solution! By arrangement we'd be happy to plan some of our UK visits around your requirements so that the property is a) empty, b) cleaned and c) sat there with the essential first night supplies already put in the fridge for your own well earned breaks! We'd think that our meagre personal possessions could be stored away in a wardrobe so that you wouldn't even know we'd been there! And the utility bills would obviously be settled by ourselves monthly or quarterly to include times when the owner(s) are in residence. Just easier that trying to split things!

Elaine and I have some boxes to be ticked on our wish list. Minimum of 3 bedrooms, 1.5 / 2 / 3 bathrooms, ideally a house, villa or penthouse apartment (outside space is important to us) and somewhere within walking distance of maybe a communal pool and socialising areas for whenever our granddaughter visits us.

If you have (or know someone who has) a suitable property in the area and are unable to rent it out long term at the moment because you need the flexibility of being able to take cheeky breaks in your own place in the sun, please consider giving Elaine and I a shout. We'll probably end up going down the traditional long term rental route of dealing with an agent but thought that we'd float this idea past the forum in case such an arrangement as we've dreamt up would suit an owner and give them the opportunity to gain some income from their Spanish home without being unable to use it for a bit of their own 'down time'.

Thanks, Keith & Elaine

Brendan Staunton
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Re: Algorfa with a view to semi retirement....

Postby Brendan Staunton » 30 Sep 2017 22:36

PM me your phone no or email. Bren :algorfa: :dontshoot:

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Re: Algorfa with a view to semi retirement....

Postby sunny » 31 Oct 2018 18:18

Hi I have an immaculate 2 bed fully furnished apartment to let on a long term basis in Fontana 1. Please be in touch if interested.

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