Dyouspain - Record Go

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Dyouspain - Record Go

Postby nickgibbs » 10 Dec 2015 13:01

Just a word of caution. We rented a car via the broker Doyouspain and the car hire was with Record Go from Alicante. I stupidly did not get a receipt to say the car had been returned without damage and with a full tank of petrol. I have subsequently been charged over 340 euros for damage and for fuel (it was a full/full deal). The car was undamaged and the fuel was full when it was returned.

Whilst I know this was stupid of me not to get a receipt it is obvious that the car hire company has exploited this and added charges simply because they could get away with it.

Please either insist on a receipt or avoid them altogether!

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Re: Dyouspain - Record Go

Postby bob-n-haze » 10 Dec 2015 13:46

Never been ripped off this badly but I have used Record a few times without any pleasure at all. Cars have been old and not in good condition. One of a selection of companies at ALC airport I wouldn't recommend.

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Re: Dyouspain - Record Go

Postby the3ofus » 10 Mar 2016 14:06

We have had a nightmare with DoyouSpain. I think they are hoping I will go away but I won't!! We hired a car a year ago now. It was with Solmar, we had used them in Murcia and they were very helpful but Alicante appears a whole other story. We queued for collection and return and on our return they gave us paperwork for the damage, my husband insists on this. Unfortunately they did not do the fuel return and we have never had it. On collection I noticed the paperwork said full to empty so she discarded this and did another. Then she made a mistake with something else her end and ripped the paperwork up and reprinted with the full to empty which we didn't notice. This has been going on for ever and eventually they said to send us fuel receipts, I think they thought we would give up, but no, I kept them and scanned them over. Then several weeks later had an email saying this isn't proof. The receipts didn't contain the car reg no, although they had the time which was less than half hr before the car was returned, and card no ending the same as the one we used with them. I didn't accept this and said if Solmar aren't going to refund they should. They forwarded an email today saying as compensation we will give you discount of your next car hire, didn't even say how much! Obviously I have declined this and continue to ask for a refund. So, I definitely won't be booking with Solmar again as they have had a tank of fuel of me and lied about it and as for Do you Spain a year to deal with this (so far) it can be a month before you ever get a reply!

In relation to Record. My husband came over for a day when we bought to sign papers. They refused him the car until he paid for full insurance. We have an annual policy. Now he's not a walk over and argued his case for some time. Eventually he had to pay as he had an appt and knew he would be out of pocket if he went to another counter.

Rant over, and you guessed it, my advise would be don't use these companies!

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