Goldcar alicante airport update

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Re: Goldcar alicante airport update

Postby MJT » 23 Aug 2015 21:30

These people are nothing but fantastic

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Re: Goldcar alicante airport update

Postby Nepxh04 » 28 Feb 2016 10:43

We have just returned from Murcia and are now in an ongoing complaint with Goldcar. I've never used them before and won't ever use them again. The car we were given had marks on the roof and a few dents on it. I too photos and tried to point these out to a representative who said 'do you have full insurance' to which I said yes (but it was with the company I booked through and not Goldcar) so he said not to worry. I have now come home, been sent a really curt and sharp email saying they have taken 500 euros off my credit card because of the very same marks. I've sent them the time stamped photos and advised they need to charge the previous customer and also train their staff better at highlighting these things and ensuring the wrong customers aren't charged. But I see on other forums this is something they do quite often. Still waiting to hear back. Terrible service all round.

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