Wheels in Spain car hire

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Wheels in Spain car hire

Postby BionicFrank » 05 Jul 2015 10:22

Hi, due out in August and just looking at car hire again. I see from this and the old board that wheels in Spain gets excellent reviews and no hidden charges. I've googled it but can't find anything under that name as such. Is the webs site costa blanca carhire? And are they as reliable as people say? Cheers


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Re: Wheels in Spain car hire

Postby bob-n-haze » 05 Jul 2015 11:59

We are currently in Spain using a car from Wheels in Spain and are very satisfied.

We were met at the airport (ALC) by Les and were handed the keys to a Skoda Fabia with very little fuss. He took photos of our docs and we payed in cash. The other payment option is Paypal. So no credit cards involved which means no unforeseen bills! Complete insurance cover is included in the price of €240 for 15 days which is very reasonable for this time of year.

The car is not new but is in good shape and runs well and I like the fact that there is no car hire sticker to attract unwelcome attention. Servicing seems up-to-date (unusual in our experience) and there was water in the screen washer.

We have used Easyoption in the past but the last car we hired had virtually no wiper blade which meant it didn't clear the screen at all. This was dangerous as it rained a few times when we were over in April. Oh, and no water in the screen washer either. Although we tried to book quite early they didn't have a suitable car for our present stay.

Another company we have used in the past is Coy's. Like Wheels in Spain and Easyoption they meet you at the airport and are friendly and easy to deal with. Coy's prices are higher though.

We will stick with Wheels in Spain for now.

BTW, yes that is their website.


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Re: Wheels in Spain car hire

Postby jacton » 05 Jul 2015 16:32

Yes this is the Wheels in Spain website http://www.costablanca-carhire.com

We used them for the first time back in February and will not use anybody else other than them and they do live in Algorfa


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Re: Wheels in Spain car hire

Postby MJT » 10 Jul 2015 08:26

Fully recommend Les and Wheels in Spain - great company and great value with a nice personal touch as well

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Re: Wheels in Spain car hire

Postby BionicFrank » 26 Jul 2015 11:37

Hi thanks for the replies. I did contact them about car hire but sadly they are fully booked that week. However, Les got back to me very quickly to explain and offered a discount off next booking. I was very impressed with initial comms and will try again in future.

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