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Latest scam - 'Late pickup charge'

Posted: 18 Jan 2017 15:19
by JoelTeague
I should have posted this ages ago really...

I've used DoYouSpain's car hire search for yonks, because they show the actual price and let you filter by different fuel policies and so on. What they quote is what you pay; end of.

Late last year I used them again, and was quoted about €35 for the 3 day hire through one of the usuals; Goldcar I think. (This isn't about Goldcar particularly - I know they can be their own nightmare, it's about DoYouSpain.)

When I arrived to pick up the car at about midnight, I was forced to pay a €40 'late pickup charge', doubling the cost of the rental. This hasn't been mentioned in the booking process via DoYouSpain, which is exactly what you use them for. I noticed when I got home that if you did the same search, the charge was now included in the price quoted, putting that option way down the list. I suspect that Goldcar had introduced this as their latest scam and it had taken DoYouSpain a few days to catch up.

What annoys me is that when I complained to DoYouSpain, they just didn't want to know, even though I was able to send them the confirmation showing the price quoted. Their response was along the lines of "not our problem; bog off". That response took over a month. I tried again; no response at all.

So - sadly another option gone for me. What a shame.

Re: Latest scam - 'Late pickup charge'

Posted: 18 Jan 2017 20:39
by 41NewportRd
I've used DoYouSpain for a number (7 - 8 years) and have come across this before, I don't think its a 'new' scam. It's usually stated in the General Conditions which are attached to the Booking Details.

Re: Latest scam - 'Late pickup charge'

Posted: 18 Jan 2017 23:55
by polop
May I say this is not unusual, this happened to me not in Spain but in the UK, Leeds airport arrived Saturday at 6-30pm and hire company charged me £60 late arrival fee, apparently Saturday is anytime after 6pm??much earlier then Spain.Complained at time no joy but when got home got in touch with the agent booked through and they refunded the fee it as was not in there terms and conditions.

Re: Latest scam - 'Late pickup charge'

Posted: 03 Feb 2017 14:25
by JoelTeague
That's just it - putting into terms and conditions with a booking confirmation is useless; they've already got your money! What gets me about this is that they were so dismissive - especially given that they seemed to have corrected the problem soon after I was hit by it.

Very disappointing; I thought they were ok. Using a different lot next time.

Re: Latest scam - 'Late pickup charge'

Posted: 03 Feb 2017 16:08
by El cartero
I know they can be slightly more expensive especially if like me you choose premier insurance but I nearly always use Drivalia and book direct with them through there website.
That way I know exactly what I'm paying and there are no hidden extras, in most cases I have had the pick of car even if it's a higher grade than I have booked (i normally book the cheapest) most cars only have delivery mileage.
Other than waiting for the bus I have no never had to queue once at the office

And most importantly in my wife's views I don't complain about the state of the car or the fact that it must have the biggest fuel tank in history, or taking photos of the car etc etc and I always always take all the stickers off the car (although they seem to be doing it for me more recently) which includes anything which will identify it as a hire car and that's before I leave there compound.

Re: Latest scam - 'Late pickup charge'

Posted: 26 Oct 2017 10:27
by JoelTeague
Thanks for that - I took a look at Drivalia and it looks good. I have a short trip out in a few weeks; I'll give them a go. No more DoYouSpain, though. Shame - they'd done ok for me up to then...