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by 41NewportRd
23 Aug 2018 13:22
Forum: I Have A Question?
Topic: Property Insurance
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Property Insurance

Can anybody recommend a good, english speaking property insurance company/agent/broker.
The renewal I have from a UK based broker for this coming year is almost as much as for my 'proper' house in England!
by 41NewportRd
10 Jan 2018 15:15
Forum: I Have A Question?
Topic: Advertising help
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Re: Advertising help

I think somebody is daydreaming..................
by 41NewportRd
24 Oct 2017 01:07
Forum: I Have A Question?
Topic: Sliding doors
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Sliding doors

Has anybody fitted sliding doors across a recess in a bedroom to make it into a wardrobe? (my next project!)

If so, where did you get the doors and other bits you used from?
by 41NewportRd
10 Feb 2017 01:22
Forum: I Have A Question?
Topic: Electricity/Water suppliers
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Electricity/Water suppliers

Has anybody got any experience of/advice about alternative electricity or water suppliers. We haven't used our house at Montemar since October 2016, I've just checked my bank account and I've been charged 65Euros by Iberdrola for electricity and 46Euros by Hidraqua for water - that seems a lot of 's...
by 41NewportRd
06 Feb 2017 15:24
Forum: General Comments
Topic: Sorry, sorry sorry.....
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On the cut

Any idea as to whats happened to John and Jennys canal-life blog - haven't seen anything since early December.
by 41NewportRd
18 Jan 2017 20:39
Forum: Car Hire Experiences
Topic: Latest scam - 'Late pickup charge'
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Re: Latest scam - 'Late pickup charge'

I've used DoYouSpain for a number (7 - 8 years) and have come across this before, I don't think its a 'new' scam. It's usually stated in the General Conditions which are attached to the Booking Details.
by 41NewportRd
13 Jan 2017 00:52
Forum: Car Hire Experiences
Topic: Car hire from OPGroup Algorfa
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Re: Car hire from OPGroup Algorfa

Take out some car hire excess insurance (about £40). Although you still have to leave a deposit and might initially have to pay out should you be unfortunate enought to have an accident, you then just claim it back.
by 41NewportRd
16 Aug 2016 16:52
Forum: I Have A Question?
Topic: Any places buy second hand furniture?
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Re: Any places buy second hand furniture?

Try here, we've sold stuff through them before. You wont get a fortune but they'll either come along and buy it off you, or take it and auction it off for you. Either way they will take it away for you which is half the problem!
by 41NewportRd
04 Aug 2016 14:35
Forum: Car Hire Experiences
Topic: Wheels in Spain (Local Company)
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Re: Wheels in Spain (Local Company)

Just used Wheels in Spain for the first time. As other people have said, all very straightforward, no hidden extras, no queing at a hire desk, nice friendly people etc. The only comment I would make (this may not affect everyone), part of the novelty for me of coming away on holiday is to be able to...
by 41NewportRd
22 Jun 2016 09:36
Forum: I Have A Question?
Topic: Builders Merchants
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Builders Merchants

Can anybody recommend a local Builders Merchant (within 5 or 6 miles of Algorfa if possible).

Looking more for 'sand/gravel/cement' stockist rather than paint/decorating/screws and nails!

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